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      Nautical Accessories For Your Home, Yacht and Business

Can't find a window box planter or mailbox with any style? Just boxy wooden or metal ones that only last a few seasons before they rust, rot or need repainting? We have a solution for you. Our products are made of durable, weather-resistant shiny white Gelcoated fiberglass, just like a real boat. They will look "like new" for years to come and never need repainting. 

               NO Painting - NO Rust - NO Rotten Wood

Ahoy and welcome to our website! Carol Parrott International, Inc. has been in the yacht charter business since 1989. In 2002 we expanded to include the design and manufacture of a half-hull boat window box planter. Since then, we've added two new designs; a half-hull boat transom planter and a half-hull boat transom mailbox (see photos below).

The first design originated when Carol wanted to add a nautical theme to her gardening shed. Unable to find a window box planter with any nautical style, she decided to design her own, a classic half-hull boat. You will notice that the back of the boat planter is flat so it lays flush against a wall, fence or railing.

Fiberglass was the solution for the building material. It's weather-resistant, long lasting and is virtually maintenance free. The finish selected was a durable, shiny white Gelcoat, a high-quality material used in boat building. It will remain shiny for years even in inclement weather. Vinyl trim (rubrail and double waterline) was added to give it that extra nautical touch.

The original finished boat window box planter received such rave reviews for its design and high quality, we decided to share it with other boaters and gardeners like you. Due to continued demand, we designed a smaller boat transom nautical planter and wall-mounted boat transom nautical mailbox. Here's a comment from our satisfied customer, KR in Massachusetts: "OMG....we LOVE them. They are just what we wanted and very well made. They are beautiful."

Our Products are made in the USA and are Guaranteed. Your Satisfaction is our Ultimate Goal. Please see our Warranty & Return Policy page for details.

TWO SIZES OF NAUTICAL BOAT PLANTERS: 15" Half-Hull Boat Transom Planter & 36" Half-Hull Boat Window Box Planter

ONE SIZE NAUTICAL BOAT MAILBOX: 15" Half-Hull Boat Transom Mailbox

The 15" Boat Transom Planter can be ordered with or without text. The 15" Boat Transom Mailbox is priced to include 2 Lines of Text of your choosing.

Please see our Products Page for Photos & Pricing.


Nautical Boat Planters & Nautical Boat Mailboxes are Proudly Made in the United States of America

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